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Burford Family and Related Lines ...
The Burford family ancestral line begins with Hubert Clifford Burford the husband of Irene Gertrude Griffith.  Hubert was born on November 27, 1903 and died on September 10, 1963.  Hubert and Irene were the parents of Reba Mae Burford (1924-2003), Helen Emajean Burford (1925-2011), Lois Marie Burford (1927-2014) and Robert Lee Burford (1928-2008).

The menu on left will link you to photographs, documents and records relating to individuals within the Johnson family line and other related family lines.  When trying to locate photographs of a particular individual, be sure to check any group photographs listed for their family surname.  Sometimes, the group photograph may have the only photograph of that individual and may not have been identified and/or listed individually.

When searching for any information in this genealogy website, information relating to married females is listed under their maiden names, and not their married surname.  If there are not any active links to one of the related lines it could be they are listed on a document, such as a census record, with a spouse or parents.  Also, maybe the data has not been added, check on the latest progress on the "Site Information" page.

In addition to Griffith, the related Burford ancestral lines include the following known surnames: Agee, Baber, Bailey, Bolling, Brooks, Davis, Ewers, Fielding, Hill, Howell, Jackson, Lloyd, Phillips, Rucker, Tapscott, Taylor, Tinsley, and Williams.
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