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Below is a list of all the winners from our coin show, held in May 2018. We congratulate all the winners and thank you for your support of our club with your attendance of our show and/or the purchase of door prize tickets. Also, listed, are the club members who received a silver half dollar for each block of fifty door prize tickets sold.

Hourly Door Prizes
End of Show Winners
Ticket Sales Awards
Terry Hess

Tom Dooley
Louie Ledsome
Bens Transmission

Bruce Knopp
Don Cliiford
Doug Holiday
Don Cooper
Peggy Rogers
Bens Transmission

1/10 Oz Gold Eagle
Denny Hudson
Norm Ferguson

Daniel Henline

100 Tickets  Silver Eagle
Bob Hinamon (2)
Don Clifford
Doug Holiday
Howard Blyer
Richard Fenton
Terry Hess

50 Tickets Silver 1/2 Dollar
Owen Walker
Bob Hinamon
Howard Rogers
Al Cooper

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